Monday, June 21, 2021

Happy news. FDC has been allowed to lift all outdoor, and most indoor, Covid-19 precautions at all FDC communities thanks to the ongoing downturn in new cases. Here’s the specifics,


Face covering is no longer required for anyone while outdoors,

All pools and spas are fully open without reservations or restricted occupancy, and

All barbecue grills are reopened.


Vaccinated persons are no longer asked to distance or mask within indoor facilities, and

Restricted occupancy limits are lifted on all indoor facilities such as gyms or rec rooms, however;

Two indoor precautions remain in effect for enclosed community facilities such as offices, laundries, rec rooms, and gyms,

  • FDC still ventilates all indoor facilities with fresh outdoor air, as weather permits, and
  • All unvaccinated persons are still asked to wear a face cover OR maintain 6’-distancing within enclosed community facilities.

In the near future, even after unvaccinated residents are allowed to unmask indoors, you might still see some FDC employees in masks. Like you, our employees are welcome to mask as an elective precaution AND our workplaces are subject to stricter employee-safety ordinances in most locales.

Wednesday, April 2, 2020

FDC Resource Guide
Income & Housing Assistance for California Residents

In addition to FDC’s own Coronavirus Relief Program we have found the following additional resources for our residents economically affected by Covid-19.  These descriptions are highly summarized. Please click the links for fuller details. If you are reading this on paper, the digital version with live links can be found on

Federal Assistance to Individuals

Direct Payments to Individuals : The IRS is sending one-time payments to taxpayers in roughly three weeks. Most adults will receive $1,200, although the actual amount depends on income and family size.

State Assistance with Lost Employment or Hours

All information and resources can be found at

In addition to traditional benefits, new emergency Federal funding allows states to provide

  • Supplemental unemployment compensation of up to $600 per week for up to 4 months.
  • Unemployment compensation for individuals who are not eligible for state and federal unemployment programs, including self-employed workers, independent contractors, and people who quit their job for coronavirus-related reasons.
  • Expanded unemployment benefits up to 13 weeks.

Disability Insurance : An individual unable to work due to medical quarantine or illness related to COVID-19 may qualify for disability insurance.

Paid Family Leave : An individual unable to work because the person is caring for an ill or quarantined family member with COVID-19 may qualify for paid family leave.

Unemployment Insurance : An individual who has lost a job or had hours reduced for reasons related to COVID-19 may qualify for unemployment insurance.

Paid Sick leave : If an individual or an individual’s family member is sick or undergoing preventative care when civil authorities recommend quarantine may be eligible for paid sick leave.

Workers’ Compensation : An individual unable to perform usual job duties after contracting COVID-19 at work may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits.

Additional Assistance by County

Los Angeles County
  • The Resident Relief Foundation : Assists responsible residents during emergency situations, with various independent grants and resources available.
  • 211 Los Angeles County : 211 LA is the central source for providing information and referrals for all health and human services in LA County. Their 2-1-1 phone line is open 24 hours, 7 days a week, with trained Community Resource Advisers prepared to offer help with any situation, any time.  
Orange County
  • 211 OC Rental Assistance Directory : The 211 Orange County Rental Assistance Directory provides information on 22 organizations providing rental assistance in Orange County.
  • Anaheim Senior Safety Net Program : There is $645,000 in rental assistance fund for seniors needing rental assistance.
  • United Way Pandemic Relief Fund : Direct cash assistance program funded by major donors of United Way. Limited pool.
San Diego
  • The United Way Foundation : Through the San Diego Worker Assistance Initiative provides resources to low wage workers impacted by layoffs and reduced working hours. Assists with utilities, rents, and mortgage payments.
  • 211 San Diego : This organization is useful as a catch-all website for advice and direction on how to manage all aspects of how the virus’ impact on an individual from contracting the disease to being laid off as a consequence of it in the community.
Riverside County
Ventura County

Assistance to Employers and Small Businesses

Monday, March 24, 2020

Thank You!

For the lucky majority of residents that are able to pay rent on the first of the month – THANK YOU! Your rents allow us to pay our employees, utilities, vendors, and the many other fixed expenses required to keep our communities running. Moreover we appreciate your patience and cooperation as we make radical changes to keep our communities and employees safe.

FDC recognizes that the March outbreak of Coronavirus has impacted all of our residents and employees and we are taking steps to assist the most needy while they await government assistance.


In response to this unique event we have created a relief program to aid those households suffering the greatest financial impact until re-employment or government assistance begins. This program is reserved exclusively for households that document a loss of 50% or more of adult household income due to the outbreak. For such households we will defer up to half of April rent for up to six months or until government assistance arrives.

If you wish to apply, your leasing office can provide you with the short application and list of documentary options. Approval for relief requires completion of this application, provision of documentation, screening & approval by FDC, and signing of a Rent Deferral Agreement by both parties. We appreciate your understanding that participation must be limited to significantly affected households. Abuse of this relief will limit our ability to be compassionate and flexible toward those truly in need.

EDD Website

In addition, the California EDD website is an excellent hub for information about Disability Insurance, Paid Family Leave, and Unemployment Insurance options related to Coronavirus.

Once again, my thanks to each of you, and best wishes to you and your loved ones.



James Wohrman

Friday, March 20, 2020

Community Outbreak Update, March 20th

We greatly appreciate the patience and cooperation of our community residents in light of the restrictions forced upon us all by the current outbreak. Our maintenance teams are eager to address non-urgent repairs inside apartments, and reopen common area amenities, just as soon as we get the all-clear. Until then, our teams will continue to keep their distance to keep us all safer.

Updates Online

This is the second of our important outbreak-related community updates. If you missed the first, which covered numerous service changes for our mutual safety, you can find it and all future updates on the page you are currently on:


Housing is an essential need, so, we are keeping our teams at work until we are ordered to close. You can help by avoiding all contact with our staff.


In addition to keeping physical distance, please communicate with us electronically, by phone or email. Please use email (or even a fax) if you need to provide us with a note or document. If paper is required, please use our drop box.

Do we have your Email?

Email is the fastest and safest way to keep you up to date. Please contact our leasing office today if there is any adult in your home that is not receiving this update by email.

Electronic Payments

There has never been a better reason to make payments online. Our staff would be happy to talk you through the 5 minute process.

Rents & Mortgage Deferrals

Some single-family mortgage companies have announced payment deferrals. In the event that our own obligations are deferred we will share that additional flexibility with you. As of today, we have not received deferments or waivers of our mortgage payments, property taxes, utilities, or other operating expenses.

Just as you depend on us to provide and maintain your home, we depend on your rents to make this possible. To the lucky majority that will pay rent on time this month – THANK YOU. Your payments will provide us with the flexibility to defer some expenses for our neighbors that have lost work.

In the event you have been laid off or furloughed, please bring documentation to the office so that we can work out a payment plan for upcoming April rent. A portion of your rent may be deferred on a case by case basis. Late fees may also be waived depending on your situation.



James Wohrman

Monday, March 16, 2020

Important Community Notice
Community Changes to Address the Corona Virus

To: All Residents of FDC Communities

Your patience and active participation is needed to reduce transmission of the coronavirus (COVID-19) within our community.  Working together to slow the spread will save lives and make our shared situation much more manageable.

Based on Advice from the CDC we are implementing temporary strategies to achieve the following goals while still maintaining service and care until this emergency passes.

  • Eliminate Hand-to-Hand Contact
  • Minimize Face-to-Face Contact
  • Minimize Staff Time in Occupied Apartments
  • Minimize Transmission via Common-Area Surfaces

No Hands Please

We’ve banned all worksite handshaking, hugging, and other physical contact.  You’ll soon see our staff wearing and posting reminder notices.  Additionally, staff will wash hands after all personal contact or time spent in any occupied apartment. 

Online Payments

If you are still writing checks, please switch to free electronic rent payments at  
Our leasing office staff can provide you with the information (*) you’ll need the first time you sign in;

  • Community name *
  • Building ID *
  • Unit ID *
  • Resident ID *
  • Your Bank Account Number
  • Your Bank’s Routing Number

Postponed Work Orders

All non-essential interior work orders will be postponed until a later date.  Our teams will continue to prioritize essential items related to health and safety, such as plumbing leaks, utility issues, heating, smoke detectors, etc.

Entering Your Home

If we must enter your home for a repair, we ask that you allow our teams to work when the home is unoccupied.  Please tell us in advance if anyone will be in the home or if anyone in the household is currently ill.

Use the Phone or Email

Please contact our onsite office anytime via phone or email.  We’re here as usual but let’s keep our distance for the time being.   

Use Our Drop Box

Please utilize our secure drop box near the office door for your checks or documents. 

Advise Us of Any Household Illness or Quarantine

We’ll keep the details private and use the information only to protect you and our staff.  Advance notice will be especially useful if we must enter to respond to an emergency or if you drop of checks or documents.  Please use the phone.

Use REAL Toilet Paper

There is no other flushable paper product except toilet paper.  Stores might be in short supply today but please don’t lose use of your toilet by clogging it with a substitute product.  Not only will you lose use of your toilet, you will be responsible for the plumber’s bill (if we are even able to enter the apartment) and you might affect many of your neighbors.

Barbecues, Pools, and Bathrooms Closed

Except for laundry rooms, all common area amenities will be temporarily closed to avoid transmission from the shared surfaces.

Laundry Rooms Will Remain Open

For the time being, laundry rooms will remain open.  Our staff will wipe down all machine fronts and touch pads at least twice a day with commercial cleaning products and will add disinfectants as/when they are available.  Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee that they will be germ free.

Community Events are Canceled

All pending community events are canceled for the time being and we ask that you minimize gatherings as well.

Our teams are operating with vigilance and care as we all manage through this difficult time together.  Your patience and participation will be greatly appreciated.

We will continue to closely monitor information from our public health officials and follow all guidelines to ensure we are doing everything we can to continue to provide a clean and safe environment for all our valued residents and employees.



James Wohrman